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  1. Too bad they did not disclose anything about it, either here or there.
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    There was a reason why this was not Officially published here. This was supposed to be Internal information only and we have yet to hear from Support's decision on handling this as it is a different language team's actions.
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    New breaking news text for some kind of event, "lf4EventApr2018":

    Laser Storm!

    Get Enhanced

    Due to a rupture in space the Delta, Kappa and Zeta Galaxy Gate’s are dropping Enhanced LF-4’s for a limited period.

    Grab HP-LF-4 from Delta; PD-LF-4 from Kappa and MD-LF-4 from Zeta while you can. Or grab the one off Enhanced LF-4 Pack – With one of each inside!

    NOTE: Enhanced LF-4 drops are not affected by Galaxy Gate Double Rewards Days.

    Fire ’em Up!

    What seems to be the description and a image for that payment deal(at least assuming it's a payment thing):

    Pilot, we’ve managed to gather enough resources to create the Enhanced LF-4 Pack, containing the HP, PD and MD LF-4 for a great price. Don’t miss this one-off limited-edition purchase!


    There is an Obsidian booty breaking news text that mentions new designs for Cyborg and Hammerclaw, but it doesn't look right/is missing text that's normally there. Though there is also descriptions for those designs, they may or may not be in next months Obsidian booty but those designs do seem that might be a thing(so I'll post this anyway):


    Obsidian Box Refresh

    Captivating Carbonite

    Get classic ship designs from the Obsidian box!

    This month includes the all-new Carbonite Cyborg and Carbonite Hammerclaw Designs.

    Bet on Black!


    Carbonite Cyborg

    The Carbonite Cyborg is designed to look rough and ready, prepared for battle and on the hunt. Those who pilot her are tough, wily and just a little bit dangerous!

    Carbonite Hammerclaw

    The cold hard depth of space flows through the hull of the Carbonite Hammerclaw, giving this popular ship and even more dangerous edge!

    In the next spoiler will be some things that Community Manager OP32 has said on the DarkOrbit Discord(in #general_en). Some details of a "World Cup" event that seems to be planned for mid June, Balance patch seems may start rolling out in a couple weeks but likely will be in small batches/parts at a time, next event seems to be Hitac(next month) etc:

    "World Cup event"












    Balance patch


    (Maybe more of "opinion", but thought to include those two for context/insight)
    (referring to ring)

    Other stuff:




    Also some text for drone formations stats/ship abilities info have changed, might give an idea of what might see changed in the first balance patch batch(or not, or more might get changed). Though just in case the percentages are not right or they get changed again, I'll just mention which ones text have been changed:

    Moth, Ring, Tartarus, Solace and Spectrum.

    *Unless stated otherwise what I post is indirectly from a test server.
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    Not my beautiful solace
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    These first 5 Cyborg designs seem to be those payment designs that will probably at least be able to buy during the Space Cup event coming up*, the other 3 are maybe not related to the event but who knows. In case don't already know the Space Cup event seems to be planned to start 14th of next month, according to that video the community managers did instead of a live stream(@3:00-3:55~).

    <item name="items_deal_spacecup_firestar_fullname">Firestar Cyborg Pack</item>
    <item name="items_deal_spacecup_firestar_description">Get the limited edition Firestar Cyborg and 5 days RM-B00 Booster right now!

    They've each got a payment deal like that, there is also a "full package" deal which contains all 5 Cyborg designs and 30 days of that booster. At least an "RM-B00" booster already exists which is an event point booster, so sounds it like it will just boost the amount of "points" you get.

    (DarkOrbit Discord server #general_en)

    <item name="items_deal_spacecup_fullpackage_short"><![CDATA[Space Cup Full Design Pack]]></item>
    <item name="items_deal_spacecup_fullpackage_description"><![CDATA[Get all five Space Cup Cyborg Designs - Firestar, Starscream, Celestial, Maelstrom, Sunstorm. Plus, you get a massive 30 Day RM-B00 Booster too! Wow!]]></item>

    <item name="items_recipe_blueprint-2hbooster-rm-b00_fullname"><![CDATA[RM-B00 Blueprint]]></item>
    <item name="items_recipe_blueprint-2hbooster-rm-b00_description"><![CDATA[Get a 2 hour RM-B00 Booster!]]></item>

    (seems maybe will be able to get it from Assembly as well, at least by that client text which was added around same time as this stuff)

    Firestar Cyborg design
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Attack your enemies with the Firestar Cyborg, coming out of the inky darkness like a valkyrie and slaying all that lie in your path!

    Starscream Cyborg design
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    They say when they made the first Starscream Cyborg a nearby sun went nova, the energy bathing the design in the last screams of the dying star!

    Celestial Cyborg design
    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Cyborg designs don't come as mystical as the Celestial Cyborg. Apparently the plans were simply found on a computer, and no-one knows how they got there!

    Maelstrom Cyborg design
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    When the Kappa V base was destroyed in a maelstrom, the only design which survived intact was the Maelstrom Cyborg. Can you handle her?

    Sunstorm Cyborg design
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Bring the sun to someones day, bathing your enemy in fore. The Sunstorm Cybord is a powerful blast of future technology. Live it!

    The other 3 Cyborg designs that don't seem to be "complete", atleast yet:
    Harbringer Cyborg design

    Seraph Cyborg design

    Dusklight Cyborg design

    Following seems to be how the Mayhem box will look, a "space cup winner" effect and that new ammo* for the Space Cup event.

    Mayhem box(2D client)
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Space Cup winner effect(2D client)
    <item name="ttip_mayhem_box">Grab a Mayhem box every time a goal is scored in the Space Ball Mayhem Mode.

    That ammo on 2D client(without/with Bounty Hunter on Skill Tree/Bio)


    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    (Backpage shop "images" for the ammo)

    *That ammo seems to be called "Cosmic Class A" but there is also B, C, E etc to H, basically multiple ammo. Also seems the damage of each "letter ammo" can vary depending on something.

    To reduce space I'll put some further info in a spoiler:
    (from DarkOrbit's Discord server, #general_en)

    "tooltip description" of that ammo:
    <item name="items_ammunition_laser_spacecup_group-h_tooltip_description"><![CDATA[The Cosmic Class H Ammo, boosted by the success of Colombia, Japan, Poland or Senegal in the competition!]]></item>

    Each ammo/group "letter" says the same apart from they say different countries/teams.

    Other letters for anyone curious:
    The Cosmic Class A Ammo, boosted by the success of Egypt, Russia, Saudi Arabia or Uruguay in the competition!

    The Cosmic Class B Ammo, boosted by the success of Iran, Morocco, Portugal or Spain in the competition!

    The Cosmic Class C Ammo, boosted by the success of Australia, Denmark, France or Peru in the competition!

    The Cosmic Class D Ammo, boosted by the success of Argentina, Croatia, Iceland or Nigeria in the competition!

    The Cosmic Class E Ammo, boosted by the success of Brazil, Costa Rica, Switzerland or Serbia in the competition!

    The Cosmic Class F Ammo, boosted by the success of Germany, South Korea, Mexico or Sweden in the competition!

    The Cosmic Class G Ammo, boosted by the success of Belgium, England, Panama or Tunisia in the competition!

    *Unless stated otherwise what I post is indirectly from a test server.
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    Carbonite Cyborg drone design
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    The Carbonite Cyborg Drone is as rough and ready as its ships rogue pilot, prepared for battle and on the hunt. Those who own one are tough, wily and just a little bit dangerous!

    Carbonite Hammerclaw drone design
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Steel yourself for battle with the tough Carbonite Hammerclaw Drone design, giving this popular drone an even more dangerous edge!

    All-New Apocalypse Action

    Desirable Drone Designs

    The Apocalypse Box has been refreshed with the epic Carbonite Cyborg and Hammerclaw Drone Designs.

    Craft 1 Key with 20 Scrap (Saimon/Mordon), 10 Aurus (Pirate NPCs) and 5 Schism (Galaxy Gates), or buy packs of 5 to 155 keys in the shop

    Dealing in Drones!

    The following is what's at least currently listed as the rewards for obtaining points in the Space Cup event(from a text file that's for the in-game event window):

    RewardPoints required to unlock
    Group A* and RSB-75 ammo
    (unknown amounts)*
    1 LF-4
    40 Indoctrine Oil
    12,000 Seprom
    Group A, RSB-75 ammo and
    an Hyperplasmoid LF-4

    The "amount" it lists for the first and last reward is just "1" which seems to just be referring to say a package, instead of said stuffs "actual amount".

    (also remember that "Group A(etc)" ammo is the special PvE focused ammo that can get/buy during the event)

    Raw text(just spaces added):

    <reward packageid="package_event_progress-spacecup01" packageItemIds="ammunition_laser_spacecup_group-a,ammunition_laser_rsb-75" itemShowTimeInSec="3" amount="1" unlockRequirement="1000"/>

    <reward lootid="equipment_weapon_laser_lf-4" amount="1" unlockRequirement="5000"/>

    <reward lootid="resource_collectable_indoctrineoil" amount="40" unlockRequirement="10000"/>

    <reward lootid="resource_ore_seprom" amount="12000" unlockRequirement="25000"/>

    <reward packageid="package_event_progress-spacecup03" packageItemIds="ammunition_laser_spacecup_group-a,ammunition_laser_rsb-75,equipment_weapon_laser_lf-4-hp" itemShowTimeInSec="3" amount="1" unlockRequirement="50000"/>

    I imagine it will probably just be similar to how it was like for the Hatching Out event, as in once get 50,000 points can "reset" to be able to get the first reward again etc. The amount it at least currently lists for the reset cost in that text file is 5,000 Uridium.

    Some more text that's for the Space Cup in-game event window:
    Space Cup!

    Be a part of the action! Join the Space Cup and get a chance to win a selection of amazing rewards! Use your piloting skills to achieve the best score!

    Get Points through Winning Matches and Missions!

    Quest text that's listed for the Space Cup event:
    Box of Delights

    Hello pilot, been a while since we talked. About time you do some proper company business and help us take control of the galaxy once more. To that end we need you to collect some boxes and deal with any alien threats whilst you're out there!

    Progress makes Perfect

    Hmmm. You seem to have got a little shabby. That wasn't as efficient as we expected so we've got something else for you to do. Taking action now will esnure that the company stands strong and our ideals are maintained. As our ideals are the only ones that matter!

    Four Year Deal

    So, it's time to test your mettle. Get out there and undertake the action we're demanding of all our pilots. See this as a test during the Space Cup, one which will set your standards for the next four years. Are you ready to take action? We thought so!

    Collecting Chaos

    We need some resources collected. Not only for your own benefit but to prove your progress in the company. In the future this status may be something you'll want to brag about, and if you're bragging about the work for our business, we'll be backing you.

    Rise to the Challenge

    As events unfold it's clear that our company has had a major impact in clearling the other threats from the galaxy. We haven't heard anything of those other powers who were threatening us. Therefore it's clear our actions, and yours are valued!

    Hard and Heavy

    This next one's a challenge we think you'll be able to undertake. Just keep your eyes out for enemeis and hit them hard and heavy when you're completing the action. With this cleared, then we can start to discuss your future!

    Waiting Game

    Time to play a waiting game. We need to see how the other companies are reacting to our actions. We feel they've not got much going for them. But. In turn it's time for us to have our lone gunman head out and deal some damage!

    Right Time

    Seems this is the right time to take action. It is the right time for us to rise, and this Space Cup is the ultimate chance for this to happen. Whilst some companies look at this as a bit of fun, we see it as a professional affair. Do so too!

    Become a Legend

    Now's the chance for you to become a legend in this company. There are few pilots we'd pass this opportunity on to, and this is your chance to be that pilot. You understand what we're saying. Go fight!

    Test of Time

    Yes pilot, that's right. You simply get out there do damage and gain experience. Then our media teams will make sure the best pilots success is broadcast out into the ether. Standing the test of time!

    *Unless stated otherwise what I post is indirectly from a test server.
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    'Buy' ? ?
    ...probably another short-term craft thing that only those that don't really need it (or with a need to buy the new stuff syndrome) will be able to afford/have time, to make.
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    Carbonite Cyborg P.E.T. design
    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    When they perfected the Carbonite skins the first ships to receive them were the best. The mercurial colors of the design matching the pilot's own mood: Dangerous!

    Carbonite Hammerclaw P.E.T. design
    The Carbonite P.E.T. Design is exactly what the Heavy Steel series has been waiting for. The steely skin letting all know, the pilot who owns it is trouble!
    (There doesn't seem to be an new Red & Blue booty breaking news text that mentions these designs, at least yet)

    The following seems to be quest text that's for the "Lv22 mission expansion", going off how many there are and their sorta quest "ID number" is the same as the placeholder text for it was. A community manager(/s) on the DarkOrbit Discord has also mentioned stuff about them.

    Screenshots from the DarkOrbit Discord:




    As to when they might come, community manager OP32 first said:
    But then:

    Black Light Precursor Missions text(name of the "section" they are in):
    Trust is Expected

    This is Ministry secure broadcast MI-165-LP. Good to know you're still out there! You're efficient and capable of dealing with alien threats. We've identified your next targets and can link their energy signatures with attacks against humanity. Remember. Trust is expected, and our trust can be earned.

    Shatter Zone

    Ministry security has identified that the attacks on the Rim, causing the deaths of many humans who were awaiting the return of a strong figurehead, like the Ministry, were caused with energy from the crystalloid alien species. Honor the dead, stand for humanity. Be our hand reaching out across the stars.

    Wolf at the Door

    The wolf is loose! There are reports of two more colonies being wiped off the face of the galaxy. Over 16,000 humans, eradicated! We found a graveyard of Kristallon and Kristallin corpses, as if the energy and light had been drained directly from their alien husks. Normally not a loss, but the power our enemy is gathering is concerning.

    Blighted Times

    Members of the Ministry Alien Science Squadron (MASS) have managed to identify that the aliens who are having their life drained, to power the enemy forces, have traces of Indoctrine Oil on their corpses. It's like it' being used to create a bridge, allowing the energy to be easily drained and converted. But converted into what?

    Conversion Theory

    MASS are convinced the energy is being converted from the life-force of the aliens and into a new form, or potentially an old one. As the Ministry have been in operation since before the Three-Day War we've seen signs of this energy before. We need to confirm the details. You need to act to suppress the threat!


    When the Kristallon first visited our world, we warned the governments that their aims may be dishonorable. They gave us gate technology but failed to stop our first act being war with the Sibelon. Toying with us like rats in a maze, until we learned to bite and claw our way back. Until we started to make an influence!

    The Mind was Loose

    Yet even after we chased the Kristallon from our world we realized they'd left their influence. A group of people who could change things with their minds. A small group of humans with psionic powers, able to threaten humanity by turning them to their will. Alien influenced horrors who sought to destabilize our forces.

    Dead Direction

    The government of the day, broken by the Three-Day War, placed these humans in internment camps. We tried to help. We sent MASS to treat them, trying to extract the alien influence from their DNA, to no avail. In the end the order was sent to kill them all, the threat they posed was just too great to our security.

    Under our Palm

    It's exactly events like these. The influence of aliens upon our society, which has made the underbelly of humanity weak. Made us vulnerable to this coming threat, made us need to unite under one hand. They need us now more than ever. We must stand together, each finger forming the fist which will lead us to victory!

    Ways Forward

    The shadow satellite we've been using to broadcast to you has been uncovered. We need to establish a new line of communications and get back to you later. Be careful who you trust, remember that Ministry are the only body who can make the choices necessary for human survival. There is no negotiation, only strength in numbers!

    T-88 Days

    HULL here, pilot. Glad to see you're still kicking as we're having significant problems with pirates in the sector. The devastation on the Rim is now significant, with only a few major systems still operating to capacity. We've also received a broadcast from an unknown source, 'T-88 Days'. Is this the coming enemy attack?


    Pirates are scum. Picking over the remains of the dead like vultures. The attacks have taken a huge bite out of the resources in the region and society on the Rim is collapsing. The enemy has hit out cunningly whilst the EIC, VRU and MMO have merely been fighting amongst themselves. We need to be wary.

    Moving Day

    You need to help Nyx. The attacks on the Rim have made her dangerously exposed and given her neural networking powers, she'd be a valuable captive for any side. If you can distract the pirates to some degree, I can aid in smuggling her out of Rim and back to the relative safety of company space.

    Heart of Humanity

    Thanks for your help, pilot. I've managed to move my operations close to the Refractions Zone. Hopefully the eddies in space time will help me remain undiscovered, whilst also sitting close to the heart of humanity. I have significant information about the enemy, yet still no name. I also hear the Ministry are back on the scene!

    End of the Rim

    The information I've gathered confirms, whatever action anyone takes now, the remaining people on the Rim are under serious threat. Our mysterious enemy seems to have no qualms about human life and we have no way of stopping these attacks. There are no witnesses left, only death. We have few options.


    There's no choice left. We need to evacuate the remaining people from the Rim and repatriate them in human space. Not that they'll want to be repatriated, they deliberately left to get away from this hell. Your strikes will provide welcome cover and then I'll send probes back into the Rim to monitor the situation.

    Odds and Ends

    The probes are away but since we've not managed to gain any information about any of the enemy attacks, I've no idea if they'll have any success. At least this unknown enemy may pick off the pirates for a while next... but eventually, they're going to target Earth. The companies don't realize how many resources the Rim provided.

    Authority is Nothing

    Last from me for a while. I need to get my information network back together, but I wanted to give you a warning. The Ministry! Their motto is 'Authority is Strength', the same motto as the secret police who pulled the government's strings after the Three-Day War. If they're one and the same, and I think they are, this is trouble!

    Signs of Strain

    I'm hearing reports that the MMO construction yards on Mars are the first to see the effects of the closure of operations on the Rim. Perhaps, finally, the companies may take note that something is happening and that whoever 'We live in your nightmares' is, they are a significant threat to us all.


    I'm still receiving the countdown, and having talked to Nyx, it seems to have been directed towards me. Although no-one knows where I really am, so I'm not concerned. I've also picked up some signals on the United Earth Force (UEF) frequencies, which have suddenly been reactivated. Once you're done here you should investigate!

    Falcon Flight

    Hey Falcon! I've been watching your progress and I'm looking for space jockeys who know their way around the galaxy. Excuse my bluntness. My name is Commodore Mishra, Amita Mishra of the United Earth Force (UEF). Yeah, you may have thought we were obsolete but certain parties have joined forces to herald our return. Prove you've got the grit!

    Returning Glory

    Good work, Falcon! I know you've got questions and I've got answers. We've been building forces for over six years now. A group of military people from the companies and other places. People who believe that humanity can only win by acting together. The devastation of the Rim an example of our failures.

    Rogue Elements

    You're giving as good as you get, Falcon. We know you've got company affiliations and have also worked with Nyx, HULL and the Ministry. The first two are rogue elements who we'd like to see on our side but have a history of ignoring authority. The Ministry, they're another old organization but I think they've not been reborn. They've just been waiting!

    Nightmares Unbound

    I've got some idea that the broadcast which has kept interrupting our transmissions, the threat about our 'nightmares' has a link to the Ministry. When the Three-Day War ended they tried to seize control, causing the fall of the UEF. If we're here to reunite humanity we need to know who is actually on our side.

    The Old Ways

    It's been clear to us that the old ways haven't done us any good. Some have taken advantage of the in-fighting, making themselves rich on the pickings. But you've got to know, Falcon, you're one of the privileged few with your own ship, not one of the workers slaving away in cramped mines or gas stations.

    New Path

    The only way to continue is to take a new path. If we can't unite under one banner, it may be too late. Resources are suddenly at risk, although anyone paying attention would have seen this coming. Then there are the ancient aliens who seem to be falling to this new enemy, and the fact they can control others with the Indoctrine Oil.

    Heard it Before

    Yes, Falcon! I know you've heard this before. Things you haven't heard, because the companies have been keeping them from you. An MMO mining facility near the Rim winked out of existence last month, VRU have found something has been affecting their gas processes and EIC's hidden refinery has stopped signaling in the last few days.

    Getting Out There

    Getting out there is the best chance of making our mark. Showing people there's a new path, because the power this new enemy seems to have, it's... well it's. Let's be blunt, we could be looking at extinction. We haven't done any damage to the enemy, have no idea who they are. Just hints... damn useless hints!

    Silent Majority

    Good work, Falcon! See you're voting with your pace and power and letting us identify the targets. We like our pilots to act as the silent majority in space. Controlling the pace of what goes on, yet open to debating our actions before we organize strikes against enemy targets. It's people like you who'll win the hearts and minds of the populace.

    The Bigger Question

    If you're prepared to stick with us, Falcon, we've got a plan to start investigating the unknown enemy. I'm aware others have tried to uncover these facts, but we've now got a chance to take this to the heart of the alien forces and see if we can uncover more information. Putting UEF firmly on the map!

    Hiding in Plain Sight

    This hidden enemy seems to have targeted specific aliens, as far as we can see. However, many of the alien races would hide such attacks, rather than show signs of weakness. There should be signs if their forces are weakened and we've not really had the forces to explore the Lordakia regions. Start with a quick investigation.

    Sensor Sweep

    Something interesting came up after that last pass, Falcon! The Lordakia seemed to be using a new type of sensory array. If we can analyze them further, distributing signals like the unknown enemy, we can see if that's what they're sensing for. If not, this may be a bit of a wild goose chase, but we must try.

    Fruitless Search

    That wasn't as effective as we thought it might be. Our scout units went in to retrieve anything we could from the battlefields', but the results were fruitless. If we threaten the Sibelonit now, we can see if they have adapted their sensors similarly. Then perhaps we can make some headway in this investigation.

    Lock and Key

    OK. That's interesting. Both have similar sensing arrangements but neither of them seems to show any further weakness, unless they've got it all under lock and key. Given the strikes on the Rim and against some of the other alien species, it seems odd these have not been a target. I wonder why?

    Hidden Hand

    Seems these aliens are playing a hidden hand. We've researched everything we've gained from your encounters and found a similarity between the sensors. There's some sort of suppressor in their system, but we can't work out what it's suppressing. The more enemies we challenge the more we learn. Hope you're up for it.

    Bolt Hole

    Something else has come of your actions, falcon! We've noticed that every time the enemy is threatened they back towards another sector of space. As if they've created a bolt hole to escape to in case they can't handle the attacks. This isn't their normal modus operandi, we need you to investigate further.

    Stepping Out

    Your latest action distracted the enemy enough for us to send some sensor probes towards those bolt holes. There's a lot of information we've gathered that now needs to be decoded, but early indications are that they're building a new form of powerful jump, as if they're going to try and step into another galaxy completely.

    Delta Force

    We've got traces of signatures in the Delta Gate, and we're wondering if the gate has been compromised by the unknown enemy. We need you to head out there and check on things, falcon. With the information you've gathered things are starting to come together. Once you return I'll report out findings.

    Persecution Prologue

    This is worse than expected, there are signs the unknown enemy has entered deep into enemy territory almost unimpeded. Or, if the aliens did try and stop them then they were obliterated where they stood, and there is no sense the enemies forces took a hit. Who the hell are we dealing with here?

    Strike When It's Hot!

    Falcon, I need you to hear me out. We've got a potential chance to engage the enemy and we're taking two heavy cruisers and some support ships to tackle them. From the signatures we're seeing, they should only be coming in with a couple of scouts and if we can capture or destroy them, then we'll certainly have a better idea of what we face.

    Words of Authority

    This is Ministry secure broadcast MI-273-SD. We know you're out there, pilot, and you can receive this. We also know you've been working for Amita Mishra and her reformed UEF, a dangerous bunch of insurgents who only seek to destabilize things further. There's things you don't understand, but first. Action!

    Lords of War

    Things are coming to a head and people like the newly reformed UEF are going to cause more harm than good. Although we've been quiet for a significant amount of time, this is so we can judge our next move carefully and make sure our information gathered is sufficient to see this new enemy beaten. Uniting us under force!

    No Mistakes

    Let us be clear, there can be no mistakes about who you're working for when the time comes. The Ministry represent a sane and reasonable view of humanity, standing for all who will work to our aims and helping the others learn their mistakes. Then slowly integrating the ones that agree back into our society.

    The Pen is Mightier

    We know Mishra and her cobbled together force have gone to strike against the enemy and we know that this will alert them to our presence too. As her blunt actions will tarnish all of us with the same brush. Surely, we should stand united, a homeland of humanity against the forces that threaten us. Guided by our doctrine.

    What's more, What's Less!

    The other fear is that the UEF will ally themselves with the enemy. Combining to seed disinformation within humanities ranks until a new leader rises, seeking to shut down any other operation that might threaten them. All we seek is your loyalty, acting on our behalf to ensure that mankind is free to make the right choice.

    In Life We Trust

    We believe that authority is strength, and in each life, we trust. Whether people agree or disagree with our laws and regulations, they can still form a useful work-force who will undertake our aims. Each fed and paid for the value they produce and all working towards a common goal.

    Forgetting the Non-Essential

    If we look at things properly, there are two sides to every equation. Those that are essential; the leaders, the people, the rules of law and those that are not. The need to feel like we can negotiate with these aliens, who walk into our territory as if they own it. The need to root out the problems within our own society!

    The Enemy Within

    Of course, we talk about the enemy within. The people who constantly speak out against authority because they haven't got the time or compassion to care about humanity. The people like Nyx and HULL, thinking they're adding to the equation but simply being a negative force. A thorn in the side of the Ministry.

    A Cross to Bear

    Yet even these insurgents can find a place within our people. The Ministry can be both mother and father to those who surround it. Helping humanity grow into the children they can be. Into a force that not only fights for room to live but also fights for each person to own their own piece of space, under the guidance of the whole!

    Associated Matters

    Therefore, as you can see. We have planned accordingly, to help us be ready for the enemy at the door, spreading our forces to deal with their power and concealing our strength until the time is right. We are the one power you can trust, the only truly united force who can bring the others into line. Now we need to seal our loyalty to you.

    Loyal Citizen

    We are wanting to ensure every pilot who acts in our best interest will become a loyal citizen of the Ministry, granting opportunities to be involved in essential strikes and missions in the future. We need to see if you have what it takes and can carry our name into the stars. These next missions will be tantamount in deciding if you have a future with us.

    Test of Freedom

    Your first test is called the Test of Freedom. It shows us the impacts you can make as a citizen of the Ministry. Working closely with us to identify and target threats whilst we work in the background, using your strikes to analyze each companies' actions. In doing so you help strengthen our position before we reveal ourselves.

    Wise Word Never Caused Harm

    As you must know, the word of the wise never caused anyone harm. It merely validated the actions that you are going to take. Allowing you to act clearly and clinically for the Ministry whilst showing that we never waver from our cause. Our true belief of a united humanity. Once you've finished this next task your loyalty to us will have strengthened.

    Ready or Not

    Your last actions allowed us to seed space with a number of broadcast hubs. Cleverly hidden in folds of space so they cannot be discovered. We can use them to disrupt the communications of the unknown enemy when they arrive and stop any other questionable broadcast, once the network properly binds together.

    Loyalty is Key

    The key to loyalty is trust. As you can see we prescribe trust by constantly providing you with new opportunities to prove yourself to us. You're doing a great job and each distraction you make causes us to take a new opportunity and open doors which were previously closed to us. Bringing our emergence even closer.

    Test of Strength

    Your second test is a test of strength. Getting you to go out there and challenge the more powerful of our enemies. This time we'll be sending a few remotes to record your actions, using them in any marketing hype to promote the Ministry further. Making you one of the figureheads of our cause and recognized everywhere.

    Order to Conform

    Before you go any further you must understand there is an order to conform, within our organization. When pilots join the Ministry, we don't expect you to change what you've been doing. Simply report back on your actions, so we know who can be trusted. Think of it as a friendly ear listening to the galaxy!

    Finding Facts

    As you tackle the enemies who have flooded into the Rim, you provide great intelligence on what's going on out there, what potential resources the aliens are going for and when they become free for our own less battle-hardened patrols to seize. You live to serve our order the Ministry is all!

    Penultimate Operations

    The penultimate test of loyalty will be the Test of Humanity, taking you deep into pirate territory to smash them at their heart. Making a statement we can live by, and one that strongly links your actions to ours. We think you see there is only one way, that path being to become a Loyal Citizen of the Ministry.

    Emergency Redirection

    Pilot, we know there is one test to be done, but we're concerned our communications have now been compromised. However, we will find another transmission node to contact you on soon, completing your training in Ministry objectives. Be assured, we will attribute all your recent actions to you, giving you all the credit. Until later!

    The End of Sense

    Falcon! I know you've been talking to the Ministry. That organization is poison and dangerous beyond belief. We learned a lot from our encounter with the unknown enemy, encountering them as they were subjugating another Gygerthrall with I-Oil. Using the liquid as some type of bridge, as they have been with the crystal races, which we need to destroy.

    Snow Globe

    It seems that humanity has been trapped, thinking we're expanding out when all that actually has been happening is that we've been staring into our own reflection. The unknown enemy are draining the life, perhaps even the soul, from the aliens and utilizing it themselves. The elder the race the greater the power.

    Flakes of the Truth

    They're able to overcome even the most ancient aliens, seemingly more interested in the Kristallon and Kristallin than we expected. In fact, given some of our probes readings, the level of power those species contain is enough for them to travel between galaxies. We cannot allow the enemy to lay hands on this type of energy.

    War for Salvation

    Be clear, falcon, the reasons you're targeting these enemies is for the betterment of all mankind. While the companies have been plotting each other's downfall. While Nyx and HULL have been muddying the waters. While groups like the Ministry try and compel you to obey, the unknown enemy has been watching us. Waiting!

    Repeated Terror

    All we received from our encounter were two signals. One broadcast over and over again. "We live in your nightmares", almost overloading our computer systems. Each pulse driving into our hearts as they out maneuvered our forces. The other, a strange directed signal that just said 'T-33 Days'. I've no idea who that was directed to.

    Clarity of Purpose

    Let me be clear, we went in with two heavy cruisers and support ships and the enemy tore us apart almost instantaneously. Like they were toying with dolls, pulling all the strings. The ships like nothing we've encountered before; fast, powerful and encompassing new technology that almost seemed organic at times. No clue to their origin.

    A Howling Voice

    Yet beneath it all, something familiar. Like a voice of anguish howling into the darkness of space. Crying for vengeance, as if we'd done something wrong. Like we needed to be taught a lesson that would last as long as their suffering. Just who the hell are they? How can we have simply missed their power?

    The Heart of Destruction

    We need you to head out to another location we know the enemy has been. Don't worry, evidence shows they get what they want the first time round, so I doubt they will return. We need to take sensor readings of what you find while you tackle the enemies on the loose in that region. Many lives depend on this!

    Repeating the Past

    Falcon, all I can tell you is that we're in trouble. That humanity isn't ready for what's coming and will take a long time to mobilize. We felt this threat was closing, but so imminent... No, I never foresaw that. Yet the signs have been there for a while, and with them the coming nightmare. As you tidy up here, I need to prepare for a further investigation.

    Reality Bites

    I've covered up some of the facts, and I need to be clear, so you understand the threat, falcon! The enemy encounter, the two UEF heavy cruisers, they were obliterated... destroyed by two of the unknown enemy's fighters, seemingly able to slip through the shields and override our systems. We need to develop a defense!

    T-28 Days

    Hello, friend! I've been monitoring your activity and realize you've been working with the two opposing sides at the center of all this. Ministry, well, we'll talk about them later. The UEF and Amita Mishra, I have scant information about. Also, the countdown messages about remaining days seem to be only being sent to me. Unusual!

    Administering History

    I said I had more on the Ministry, so I'll tell you what I've uncovered. I know Nyx has other information but exchanging it at this time seems risky. The organization has been around for a while and following monetary exchanges I can confirm they're the same group who existed during the Three-Day War. A state security force who controlled through threats.

    Dangerous Distraction

    This is the organization who distracted the Kristallon ambassadors, causing them to be unaware we were tampering with the gate. They're the reason for the Three-Day War. The Ministry have a lot to answer for, and Nyx has hinted that the military information I've uncovered simply doesn't touch upon what she has on file.

    Project Rebirth

    You also may have heard the words Project Rebirth before, something linked to the Demaner ships that occur from time to time. It was a Ministry strategy to send all existing human data into deep space in a potential extinction-level event, originally launching during the Three-Day War. Yet, as far as I can see, the project is still running. What do they know?


    Before I go again, one last thing. I'm shifting location again, it seems to stop the countdown signal I'm receiving. The last information I have is the Ministry integrated tightly into the EIC on their formation, and from there spread to the MMO and VRU. They're seeded everywhere! Finish up here and speak to Nyx, she has more information.

    Hard Target

    You've spoken to HULL. I'm concerned, he's been trying to avoid the continuing countdown transmission. Now you tell me it occurred when the UEF was defeated by the unknown enemy as well. HULL is an important part of the resistance, as well as the hub of our network. Luckily, he's a hard target to pin down. But we need to be aware!

    Fake News

    I Know that HULL has informed you about some of the Ministry's military actions and now I need to tell you about their dirty tricks. Not only seizing the media, following the Three-Day War, to start the anti-alien agenda which has directed our path over the centuries, but also manipulating the populace through fake news.

    Worse Still

    What's worse is their actions against insurgents. After the war they gathered significant strength and used it to target anyone and any organization who could harm them. They slowly divided and ruled, helping aid the formation of the EIC, but developed the growing instability and distrust across Sol. Being part of the MMO and VRU.

    Political Insurgents

    Then they gathered any and all political insurgents together in internment camps. Frightening places where they re-educated the people to believe their will. Or sent them to mining camps in the moons of Jupiter, if they wouldn't change. But there's one last thing I've uncovered, something so heinous it's unbelievable.

    Mind Palace

    After the Three-Day War there was an increase in psionics. The Ministry placed them in other camps, most famously the Garn Ford Internment Camp. Here they experimented on the psionics, claiming their powers were caused by aliens. Slaughtering them all. Be aware, they must not know you distrust them. We need to know more!

    Cold Call

    It's good to have you back. We've sent a number of our UEF falcons into the ether, utilizing the strange hyperspace technology we adapted from the Lordakia you fought before. Sending them into the unknown enemy's space, using the meagre information we gathered from our failed encounter. Now we wait, while you take action to maintain normality.

    Out of the Dark

    None of our pilots returned, but one of their probes did. We've gleaned the name of this unknown enemy. They're called the Black Light. We need to research the evidence clearly, but they seem to be human. Although we have no idea how a group of humans came together and gained such power.

    Blood Feud

    The data is garbled but we have something else, the Black Light. They say they're the children of Garn Ford. Some type of internment camp, which looking at your reaction, you already have heard of. Send me the data you have, we'll piece this together and prepare a response for you when you've completed the latest action!

    On the Brain

    By the old gods. If the data you have and our correlate these are the children of the psionics, who were thought to be murdered at the Garn Ford Internment Camp. Yet your records seem clear, and yet they seem to have survived. Something else, it seems they can combine their psionic abilities. This has never been known before.

    Making Sense

    If they can combine their psionic abilities, then the weapons, their defenses, they're all psionic! Falcon, we've no way of defending against such power. Unless there's some way we can either replicate what made them conjoined or find a way to block it. We've got few clues, apart from the fact the Black Light deliberately targeted the Kristallon.

    Night of Pain

    We've retrieved more data. We know what happened. The Ministry experimented with the psionics and the Kristallon. Seems the psionics were caused by Kristallon tampering and Ministry tried to force the psionics to unlock the deep secrets of the Kristallon, linking them all together. Their power must have been immense.

    Clever Acts

    Yet they were weak and few in number. The Black Light must have utilized their power to jump into hyperspace and leave the Earth, making their captors think they were dead and finally being free of the Ministry's torture and experiments. They've been growing, waiting for centuries. Now, they've returned.


    We scorned a part of our people. Goddamn, we let others influence us until they could drag them away from their families to prod and poke at them. Rats in a maze, taught to do tricks whilst the Ministry looked on with scorn. I'm not sure if we shouldn't simply accept the coming storm and pay for our sins!

    Death Comes Past

    They're coming, sooner than we think. They've been toying with us, removing the resources we're desperate for. Just two of their fighters destroyed two heavy cruisers, falcon. What the hell are we going to do now. They're going to come here and they're going to kill us. Whilst the companies fight for control, we're going to die!


    I need us to regroup. Draw back and strategize. We need to identify their targets, although Earth is surely one. From the information you have the Ministry are everywhere, so each part of humanity is tainted, and the Black Light don't appear to be people who will merely remove the infected flesh. Be ready to act, Falcon!

    T-8 Days

    I still don't seem to be able to shake this signal. This is becoming problematic, pilot. I need you to cause another distraction and then report this to Nyx – I'm sure she can break the network. I value our friendship, even though I am merely an AI. We'll get through this together and laugh about it in the future!

    Escapades on a Wire

    HULL still can't shake the signal. I can't think this is the start of the Black Light invasion, I can't think all their pawns are in place yet, as the planetary defense grids are still active. I'll spend some time breaking the network between HULL and any other systems, so he can re-establish himself later. Run some interference.

    Token Action

    If the Black Light want to target the Ministry, we need to bring them to the forefront. I don't know who's clean though. My neural networking technology originally came from the MMO, and you say they are implicated as well. Are they coming to kill us all? Act on behalf of the Ministry, I know they're scum, but perhaps... just perhaps!

    All Your Systems

    Don't bother to pretend, pilot. We already hacked the data off your ship and know you've been informed of our activities. Don't you think we know the workings of all your systems? Well, hear this, by acting with us you have a chance to stop the coming invasion, by acting against us – well you're already tainted with our brush.

    Like All Humanity

    You're just a part of all humanity. We became aware of the Black Light after the Garn Ford Internment Camp was destroyed. When our experiment to discover Kristallon hyperspace ability, proved they crossed the galaxy with their minds. Yes, we thought the psionic scum were dead. Time to prepare to kill them now.

    Back in the Bosom

    See, we knew you couldn't help but return. You're understanding what ‘Authority is Strength' means. You'll never be a loyal citizen of the Ministry, but perhaps you'll have no choice but to stand by our side. The UEF are weak and unprepared, although we have no influence in their camp, we can tell by the signs.

    What Will it Be?

    You're going to be faced with a choice sooner or later, to follow the UEF or us. I know which side you'd take, know who has a fully-operation Project Rebirth ready, and may be developing weapons from alien remains. You run off with your tail between your legs, run to your friend Nyx, and tell her what's happening.

    Last Resort

    Sorry, Pilot! I thought they may not know, but it's clear to me that they really know everything, except how to hack… Oh. The Black Light, I think I know what the countdown means. Follow my instructions and then link up with HULL. I can only pray I'm wrong!

    We Live in Your Nightmares

    ***We live in your nightmares!*** ***We live in your nightmares!*** ***We live in your nightmares!*** ***We live in your nightmares!*** ***We live in your nightmares!*** ***We live in your nightmares!*** ***We live in your nightmares!*** ***We live in your nightmares!*** ***We live in your nightmares!***

    Compromising Invasion

    pilot. They've compromised HULL. They have access to his network and… and I can feel them, I can feel them rooting around in my brain. They're in my head! You have to find a solution, they'll be coming and in force. Beware who you trust, stand for humanity, pilot. As the Black Light are coming!




    *Unless stated otherwise what I post is indirectly from a test server.
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    Some cosplaying Surgeon designs have appeared :eek:. They seem to be payment designs and are listed as "event deals", so maybe will come during some event. (Also in a way are referred to as "alientech" designs in their deal text)

    Saimon G-Surgeon design
    Get the flavor of the Saimon when you apply this design to your G-Surgeon. Trick your friends and fool your enemies as they wonder which side you're truly on!

    Devolarium G-Surgeon design
    Want to show a more alien side to your ship. Then the Devolarium design for the G-Surgeon will be just the trick. Throw it on and confuse the enemy!

    Sibelonit G-Surgeon design
    Whoever made the Sibelonit G-Surgeon design may have been slightly crazy, but what you get is a pure alien design for the classic ship. Now get back to space!

    <item name="items_deal_alienTechAllDesigns_description"><![CDATA[Become part of the alien agenda! Grab the chances of disguising your ship with the G-Surgeon Saimon, Devolarium and Sibelonit designs.]]></item>
    (there is also deals (descriptions) listed for each individual design)

    Descriptions for 3 new Cyborg designs have also appeared, two of them mention "UEF" that is mentioned in the Lv22 expansion quest texts as well. Rewards for quests? Or maybe not. >.>

    Infinite Cyborg - The Infinite Cyborg has the sharpest design in the fleet. Consuming the power of its core to give a dramatic appearance in battle!

    Scourge Cyborg - Wear the UEF colors with pride. Become 'The Guiding Hand of Freedom' and show everyone which side they should be on!

    Bane Cyborg(/Hammerclaw) - Only the best falcons wear the UEF colors. Be a 'Beacon in the Twilight' and show the rest who's in charge!

    (the last one is listed as a Hammerclaw design in a part of its text as well, but that could be just by mistake. Or it really is a Hammerclaw design)

    *Unless stated otherwise what I post is indirectly from a test server.
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  10. Kyro

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    Infinite Cyborg design
    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    The Infinite Cyborg has the sharpest design in the fleet. Consuming the power of its core to give a dramatic appearance in battle!
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Scourge Cyborg design
    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    Wear the UEF colors with pride. Become 'The Guiding Hand of Freedom' and show everyone which side they should be on!
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Bane Hammerclaw design
    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    Only the best falcons wear the UEF colors. Be a 'Beacon in the Twilight' and show the rest who's in charge!
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    *Unless stated otherwise what I post is indirectly from a test server.
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  11. do we really need any more designs ?. id rather you get rid of the lag and botrs. and sort the bugs out,!
    but these seem to be a low priority.
    i know we'll do another event for the cheats and give em some more stuff, pft pathetic.
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    A log suggesting they're maybe working on some sort of gate and an alien/NPC called "Black Light", has appeared.

    <item name="log_msg_gg_completed_black_light"><![CDATA[Compromising Invasion completed.]]></item>

    Black Light (alien/NPC)
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Note: Of course size may not be accurate and ignore the drone etc info, it's just the easiest way to show how it at least currently looks.

    *Unless stated otherwise what I post is indirectly from a test server.

    Edit by OP32, showing animation of the NPC:
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  13. Gudinden

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    Sounds exciting :D I would love to hear more about it ;)
  14. Hey look its "Wrath of Achilles" from Andromeda. Should be fun to fight it as an end boss in a gate we do ONCE!

    Please put the rocket struener in 1-2. They are fun in the gate and would liven the map up. I don't know anyone that does that gate at all as the payout is a joke.
  15. ramnik

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    kinda looks like the type 25 spirit drop ship
  16. Now all skills will be measured in %, and formations will be changed to work in skill set.
    The formations in this case did not provide their% for the abilities but they will be a complement to give an improvement in the abilities in use.
    Values vs %=% super win
    Would like changed all for %.

    Changed dome?Decrease Solace?
  17. Some ships and skills plus formations,will be change:

    Lightning: + 5% damage bonus to opponent's shields
    Combustion (now + 8% speed)

    Tartarus: Speed Booster (now + 40% speed -5% damage), - 1 slot for generators and tartarus price goes up to 255,000 uridium in the store, -10,000 hp and nano hull.

    Solace: Stant Shield Repair +35% for you and +17.5% pro group and + 10% bonus for HP.

    Spearhead-x: -2 slots generators, speed fisrt 400. Skills:
    Maximum camuflage: + 100% original camouflage, ie you have to activate cpu camouflage, to get 200% camouflage. This skill now also includes invisible Spearhead + the image form of 9 ships of your choice in the hangar, before the ability is active you can choose, which vessel will be in skills you will click [>>] and select solo 1 of the 9 or invisible spearhead to which always change and will always be selected, hence and activate on the keyboard just as it does with cpus .
    Jamx: now lasts 10 seconds
    Scolt: now you see the entire mini-map
    Market Target: increases target group damage by + 5%
    Reverse: Make your opponent hit in the opposite direction, for 5 seconds, cooldown: 30 seconds.

    Citadel-x: +1 slot for missile launchers and +5 for generators, first 195 speed and -1 laser slot and can use to attract attacks and protection, along with fortification. Travel: increase your speed first by 150%.

    Diminisher: romped shields = + 20% damage to shields.
    Spectrum: prismatic shield = + 50% damage protection.
    Sentinel: Shield Fortress = - 75% damage to your shields.

    Price of defcon and yamatho, decrease to 15,000 uridium in the shop.
    Yamatho-x: speed first 240.

    Singularity 1 (total) = + 18% of direct damage to hps.

    hp and nano hull: 286,000
    initial speed 295
    Singularity 2 (total) = + 30.3% of direct damage to hps.

    Now ships with slots will be versions of it in configurations.

    G-Saturn: + 20% Shield

    Pusat: hp and nano hull 165,000 and +1 slot for lasers and +1 slot generators

    Surgeon: +1 laser slot and bonus will be changed to + 5%.

    Hp and nano hull = Vengeance-x: 200,000 and Golyath-x: 260,000.

    -2 slots lasers
    and skills:
    5% repair unit
    10% shield repair.
    5% hps regeneration.
    Transfer to group members = 2x the amount you give.

    Inicial hp and nano hull 286,000

    +3 laser slots
    +1 slot generators
    speed first: 305
    repair unit 6.25%
    shield repair 12.5%.
    regeneration of pv 6,25%.
    Transfer to group members = 2x the amount you give.

    5,000 hp and nano hull
    1 laser slot
    2 generator slots
    400 speed first
    3 settings

    25,000 hp and nano hull
    2 laser slot
    4 generator slots
    400 speed first

    50,000 hp and nano hull
    5 laser slot
    10 generator slots
    350 speed first

    100,000 hp and nano hull
    6 laser slot
    13 generator slots
    300 speed first

    Nostromo ambassador
    200,000 hp and nano hull
    11 laser slot
    22 power slots
    250 speed first
    Price: 5 friends to upgrade them to lvl 7 or 20,000 uridium in the shop, or also payment

    170,000 hp and nano hul
    8 laser slot
    280 speed first
    17 generator slots
    2 missile launchers

    Leonov (advantage = maps x-1 to x-8 of his company and 4-5)
    100,000 hp and nano hul
    7 laser slot
    400 speed first
    8 generator slots

    Dragon: It will be every ship with 14 slots for lasers and generators.

    Titan: It will be every ship with 16 slots for lasers and generators.
    Heart formation
    + 30% Hp
    + 20% shield
    -5% damage

    Butterfly formation
    + 25% hp
    + 20% damage penetration
    -5% shield per second

    Dome Formation
    The shield points are increased by 25%
    regenerated at 1% per second
    Reduces missile recharge times by 12.5%, but also damage from your lasers and speed by -25%.

    Veteran Formation
    + 25% of experience
    -10% lasers, shields and hit points

    Crab formation
    + 10% absorption and -5% speed
    Price: 50.000 uridium

    Ring formation
    + 85% shield
    + 8% damage absorption
    -25% damage
    -5% of the missile recharge time
    -10% speed

    + 50% of minerals
    -95% honor

    No quoted above all no be chances in from game.
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  18. So what is a power slot? and what is the Dragon and Titan?