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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by ZÿИΛPS™, Sep 15, 2017.

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  1. Hi,
    This event seems quite well thought out!

    I realised something that is a little annoying...
    Why were certain rules imposed on single players moving from a clan to another during the Pirate Event? ...I would like to stress that, it does make some sense to do this... Although, (which is my main point) it seems that clans have been sanctioned further, for the reason that, the end of event rewards for clans are miniscule compared to a solo player?

    Therefore, my point to Dark Orbit is, this is a Community game that encourages clans as a whole to compete together yet still; all these rules have been imposed on entire clans to actually receive less, I.e shared Alien rewards and a lesser reward at the end of the event...
    I hope my point is clear... Thanks.
  2. Deter

    Deter Board Administrator Team Darkorbit


    Anyone interested in giving their feedback about the current event, please do so here and Enjoy!
  3. I find that the setup for this event is one of the best. As with a number of events, it is set up with two levels of missions: one lower level, and one upper level. My style of play allows me to truly test out the lower level missions which were made for lower level maps as well. Although a player starting right now may not be able to join in on the first day, depending on how hard they get started, during this event the new player should be able to work through all of the level 6 missions. This was a problem in previous events which forced you to go into other company maps to complete a mission or try to advance faster than you may be ready so you can get into an upper level map for a mission. New players don't have to rush just to try and complete their level of missions.

    I both agree and disagree here. There is a push for players to work together in a clan with this event. However it has been found that players will jump from clan to clan during an event in order to be with the "Top Clan." This may not be the case on all servers but it is certainly the case on mine. OP32 was kind enough to inform us of the rule about staying in a clan from start to finish of the event if you expected to get the clan reward in the end almost 2 weeks in advance. Unfortunately, not all players come to the forums so it will be a sore surprise for those who do not.

    The other thing some clan members do during events is mooch off the hard work of others while they do little or nothing. Making the rewards about how much work you put into it, and allowing a player to keep the entire reward for what they first locked really benefits all involved and the little player can really see how it stacks up instead of just getting a share. In the end, I feel these rules really help the clans bond as a whole, and maybe not loose the "event joiners."
  4. The point of those rules was to reduce the huge amount of points a single ufe+premium clan can get while kaming hordes of pirates in 5-2, which is what happened on the last pirate hunt event.

    But when you have 5 to 10 active clans on a server the majority of clans flock to 1 of 3 clans they assume would win which means only MCC prevail in these types of events. Obviously DO expected us to war each other and fight for top 3, but doing that in these events is a serious gamble as you never know when the top 3 in the event may nap or even ally for the event.
  5. quests are probably the best they have run for a long time, however fly round the maps and see how much aurus has been left by the botters,
    another event for the botters, they bot all day and pick up scrap and kylon and tetrathin at night,
    come on guys you must be blind to not know the botters are getting everything new.
  6. ya know this Pirate event is about worthless to the non-cheating players like me since everyone else is using a killbot and racking up points that are way above what those of us who dont cheat are able to make doing the event the legal way.

    when are you people going to stop this crap ?

    dont tell me about your so called cheat stopping system it is worthless.

    do something for gods sake, i mean do you have no understanding of math ?

    do the math there is no possible way 1 person can make the points these people do unless they are playing every second of every single day without stopping.

    do they not eat for 2 weeks ? do the not go to the bathroom or sleep or what ?

    do the math and ban those who are doing this crap we are sick of this garbage and we are sick of you people ignoring the problem and giving these losers all the good prizes while we work our butts off and end up with nothing for working for 2 weeks only to see all the good prizes going to a bunch of cheating losers who you people let keep on cheating.

    do you people have no pride in your jobs ? no sense of right and wrong ? you just let us spend our money while these cheaters ruin the game for us and cheat your company out of money since they cheat and steal what others have to work for and or buy in the shop or on a mega/helix.

    it is very simple.

    look at the scores for Pirate Hunt and do the math.

    there is no way possible a human can make those scores.

    ban those cheating bastards once and for all and show the real players you are not a bunch of money hungry swindlers who dont care about your players but upstanding business people who give a dam about the players, that it matters to you that we spend thousands of dollars on this game!!!!

    its rediculous that a player has to tell you how to simply catch these cheaters.

    maybe you should hire me it would take much less time to end the cheating than the 8 years i have played and watched the cheating get worse and worse with no end in sight.

    get it together people do the right thing before we all say the hell with this game.
  7. ramnik

    ramnik User

    dunno if you know this but players who were stacking pirates and killing them were trying to do the pirate quests^
  8. MyBigi

    MyBigi User

    Fastest way to make points,was to use solace full damage and to kill the aliens with sab-x4+rsb(if u can afford it).
    With solace u will rarelly need to stop to repair, so u can kill aliens nonstop.
  9. o_O 7 Days after event has ended and still no rewards from event... How many players did not receive the rewards they earned?:confused:
  10. Deter

    Deter Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hello BMλŋ916-ƒliesUSƒlaǧ,

    If you have not received your rewards yet, you will need to contact Support for further guidance and assistance.
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