What's going on with Wednesday 50% EP and Honor Sale?

Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by DRAZI, Dec 5, 2023.

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  1. DRAZI

    DRAZI User

    To whom this may concern in the Dev Team,

    On Wednesday's MEGA, Players were offered 5 Days of 50% EP and Honor, which has Always been alternating from EP one week and the Honor the Week after.

    But I have noticed that for the last 4 Weeks, it has been stuck on EP, not Honor at all.

    Odyssey, OP,.. if there is anyone who can look into this Issue, I know I am not the only Player who has been wondering what is going on with this since it has always had Alternating Weeks

    Thank you very much and hope this issue gets fixed
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  2. As the above player's been saying, I've noticed now that Wednesday's Have been stuck on Experience for now 7 weeks!
    What the heck is going on with this AND,... WHO is not Doing their JOB?
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  3. All i can say is most players buying the boosters probably don't buy the honor as much as the xp, for BP it's all about the money!!!
  4. And I found out Support isn't any Support anymore. I wrote them and they directed me to DO Discord,.. which I can't find where to go.
    And get this,... They sent me this Antiquated Link!


    I think this was made when I started in 2011!

    How the hell do I get into the right Discord channel to bring this up to someone who can actually communicate with the Individual who's job it is to do to this function

    Odyssey, feel free to Chime in here

    549 views, and no comment at all?


    Thank You for getting someone to Finally Fix the Issue! Finally we got Honor on a Wednesday! :)
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  5. OH god they fixed something what else will be broken cause of this :).
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