wth lol bot detection

Discussion in 'General Issues' started by DEXTER-MORGAN, Dec 14, 2022.

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  1. just been logged out of game and spent about 5 min trying to do some captcha thing whilst all i was doing was my despatch!!
    what on earth is this ?
  2. You mean that ''you are going too fast thing''? I got it today as well but it wasnt a big nuisance.
  3. Just did several of those captchas just trying to use prime coupons. Put me off doing anymore dispatches in the end. I welcome anti bot procedures by all means but this is just down ridiculous.
  4. Raveman100

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    the captcha thingee is an annoyance to those of us who play honestly but type fast. I'm absolutely sure that captcha will frustrate every bot in the game to go honest.... uh... just kidding. Laughable or inept. Can't decide the best word to describe this.
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  5. Excessive

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    It's the newest inovation from DO to find out how many "live" players use Dispatches.
    Bots don't accidently click the wrong frame - Humans can and do.
    If a wrong click is detected, they know it's a real player not a bot...
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  6. SirThrills

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    Hello @DEXTER-MORGAN ,

    The issue is currently under investigation