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    General information

    The Summer Hitac event is back for your entertainment! You will have the chance to attack the Hitac, collect capsules, puzzle letters and other valuable rewards. There will be some updates on the Hitac behaviour as well as on the rewards to make it more interesting.

    We also present an easy version for the Hitac during this event for our low level players. In this easy version, the Hitac box has a minor chance of dropping a capsule and a word puzzle. With the easy version, also low level players have the chance to get some of the new Battle Pass rewards.

    The Hitac event quests will be available, with the new K-300M rockets as a final reward! There will also be new lottery rewards, new capsule rewards, and new Objectives. You can also get the Battle Pass to obtain additional rewards!

    * Please Note: Since getting a reward is chance-based, it’s not a guaranteed reward for the boxes. And if there’s no reward in there, an empty box is dropped.

    Beta Feedback changes
    • K-300M Rocket
      • Cooldown adjusted to 15 seconds
      • Damage is increased from 8000 to 12,000
      • Hit chance increased to 75%
    • Hitac minion box will now drop to the top damage dealer (1 player only)
    • We also adjusted some NPC stats in the background

    The event will be a refresh of last year’s Hitac Assault (https://board-en.darkorbit.com/threads/hitac-assalt-faq.124510/) with the following changes:
    Amount of
    Reward Packages
    per Instance
    210 x Prometheus Laser
    25x Prometheus Laser
    510x Magmadrill LF-4
    510x Paritydrill LF-4
    510x Hyperplasmoid LF-4
    35x SG3N-B03
    55,000x Rinusk
    151 Citadel Smite
    20500 Indoctrine Oil
    201 Month Premium

    Package Content Drop chance
    110x Green Booty Keys 1,00%
    22,000x RSB 75 ammunition 4,00%
    32,000x UCB 100 ammunition 4,00%
    415x Log Discs 7,00%
    530x Extra Energy 7,00%
    6200x UBR 100 Rockets 7,00%
    7150x Hellstorm Rockets 3,00%
    8200x SAR-02 Rockets 4,00%
    915x EMP-01 2,00%
    1010x Jump Vouchers 4,00%
    11500x PLT 30 30 Rockets 3,00%
    12350x Xenomit 3,44%
    1315x Kyhalon 2,00%
    1415x Tetrathrin 2,00%
    155x Green Booty Keys 3,00%
    16250x UBR 100 Rockets 2,00%
    171,000x A-BL 3,00%
    181,500x IDB-125 2,00%
    191x SHD-C01 5,00%
    201x SPC-C01 2,00%
    211x SPC-C02 2,00%
    22200x K-300M 4,00%
    23100x Hellstorm Rockets 3,00%
    24100x SAR-02 3,00%
    255x EMP-01 3,00%
    265x Jump Vouchers 3,00%
    27300x PLT-3030 Rockets 3,00%
    28250x Xenomit 4,00%
    2910 hours XP-B01 Booster 0,50%
    3010 hours HON-B01 Booster 0,50%
    3110 hours DMG-B01 Booster 0,50%
    3210 hours SHD-B01 Booster 0,50%
    3310 hours REP-B01 Booster 0,50%
    3410 hours SREG-B01 Booster 0,50%
    3510 hours RES-B01 Booster 0,50%
    3610 hours HP-B01 Booster 0,50%
    3710 hours CD-B01 Booster 0,50%
    381x Cubiportal 0,06%

    Objectives & Battle Pass
    When the event starts, there is a battle pass and new objectives available for players to complete. The objectives are similar to missions but you don’t need to accept them manually. The progress for the objectives begins automatically when the event starts. Completing these objectives gives you rewards and completing them with the Battle Pass even gives you better rewards.

    Together with the objectives, a “Battle Pass” is available in the shop. You can purchase it either with Uridium or via Payment. The “Battle Pass” gives you access to additional rewards on top of the original rewards that you get from completing the objectives.

    If you buy the Battle Pass after having completed some objectives, you need to claim the Battle Pass rewards of the already finished objectives in the Objectives Window in the game. If you complete the Objectives after buying the Battle Pass, the rewards will be booked automatically.

    New quest reward:
    Finish the gates Alpha, Beta, and Gamma
    Experience: 500,000
    Credits: 500,000
    Uridium: 10,000
    Honor: 5,000
    10 Aurus
    100 Scrap
    500 K-300M Rockets

    New K-300M rockets
    There will be new rockets coming together with the event:
    This rocket doesn’t deliver a substantial amount of damage, but its shock-wave also shakes the ship so badly it reduces the victims' speed by 20% and the accuracy by 5% for 2 seconds.

    New ship upgrade modules
    During the Hitac Assault, it’s possible to get some new ship upgrade modules as rewards in the Capsule Converter. The following modules are given out:

    DMG-A01Damage+ 10% NPC damage Aegis
    200,000 Battle Pass
    SHD-C01Shield+ 15% Shield
    + 5% Damage
    -5% HP

    New emotes

    There are also some new emotes available, and they can be activated via the “Special Items” button in the hotkey system if you have them.

    Alien Cheers Emote
    cheers 2.PNG

    Alien Partying Emote

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